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Here at MLO, you will have more than just an opportunity to be a professional lawyer. We value and respect everyone at equal position so that rookie to seniors are having a wide same chance to work, learn, and grow together at any projects. You can learn from everyone here because you will be considered as their team mate or even family member. There’s no one considered to be the best or worst lawyer, there’s only the one who wants to learn and share or vice versa. Our culture shapes our lawyers to uphold integrity and trustworthy in serving our clients.

Therefore, here at MLO you will be at the right place to learn and grow to be courteous lawyer. That’s our DNA.

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We Walk Conformly in Every Decision of Your Business.
Serving You A Conviction to Any Legal Doubt.

Nah'R Murdono Law Office

Nah’R Murdono Law Office or known as MLO is an Indonesian law firm based in Jakarta which specialized in providing legal advice to corporations. Our partners have more than 30 years of experience in the corporate world and legal practice, supported by highly talented and uniquely recruited lawyers. Our area of expertise includes electricity, mining and natural resources, corporate transaction and restructuring, energy; geothermal; and gas, procurement, investment, engineering; procurement; construction, general corporate, arbitration and dispute resolution.

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