Our long standing of experience grants us a profound understanding about how you deal with the internal culture and execute business plan compliantly to the law at the same time. We are now here on your side for providing a broad range of commercial and legal services tailored to your needs while keep upholding manners and ethics.


Having a partner with 30 years of experience in legal and electricity at the state-owned company conforms us to be reliable and proficient in facing the complexity of its technicality in the field.

Our service covers assisting you in sales and purchase of renewable and non-renewable electricity power and any other applicable & prudent legal advice which suitable to your needs within the rapid changing of any business condition in the electricity industry.

By having a vast experience in the corporate practice, our lawyers which some of them are certified by Indonesia procurement license will provide you applicable legal advice for your procurement process. We incorporate our experience and knowledge in structuring procurement, preparing & drafting the procurement documents, and assisting & representing you during the negotiation process, to ensure you that your agreement process is legally comply and your business is going successfully.

We understand mining and natural resources business and regulation are ever changing and highly complex to deal with. Right on to your purpose, we provide you a broad service to assist you in keeping your business going forward while conforming the vulnerable of Indonesian political interest, legal, and regulatory challenges. Some of our experience includes providing extensive legal due diligence to hundreds of coal mining companies in a province in Kalimantan.

Our broad services include providing advice on compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, legal due diligence, structuring, preparing transaction document, negotiation, liaising with government agencies; notary public; as well as tax and financial advisors. We have acknowledged experience in helping clients in broad range of strategical industries to execute complete corporate restructuring as well as mergers and acquisitions.

We have extensive experience from the upstream to the downstream. These experience includes representing large scale companies in accomplishing numerous deals, long-term sales, and eligible purchases. We also provide advice on the legal feasibility, supporting LNG regasification, and many more embedded within our services to work collaboratively with you.

One of the essential parts of doing investment in Indonesia is understanding the complexity of its political, legal, regulatory, and business environment. Having profound understanding and close relations with Indonesian government and regulatory agencies, we provide both foreign and domestic investment companies an applicable & prudent legal advice, not only in legal aspects but also practical insights.

Our lawyers are professionals in assisting clients for large scale engineering, procurement and construction projects, such as Landed Power Plant, Barge Mountain Power Plant, Mobile Power Plant, Floating Storage Regasification Unit, and many other related construction projects. Our main assistance including but not limited drafting tender document, contract and providing advice of any related on ongoing issues in tender process and while implementing the contract itself. We will work alongside with you to ensure

We understand that compliance to legal aspect is your primary asset to run the business. Our well-experienced and knowledgeable lawyers in both legal theory and practicality in the corporate world provide a service to come along with you in fulfilling the compliance about your internal legal aspect.

Our arbitration experts have a long standing experience in court procedure and its practice in Indonesian law. Providing you more value added, our arbitration experts incorporate those experience with their proficient ability in any business practices. Those are the tremendous combinations for us to highly taking care your legal cases with relevant and proper solutions.


Pave The Going Concern of Client’s Business into Applicable and Prudent Legal Advice Right on to Client’s Business and Legal Purpose


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