Rex R. Janasakti Panambunan
Senior Partner



Faculty of Law, Universitas of Indonesia (SH), Faculty of Management, Prasetya Mulya Business School (MM)

Practice Area

Electricity, Energy, Oil and Gas, Mining and Natural Resources, Investment, General Corporate.

Rex R. Janasakti Panambunan has been highly experienced in energy and natural resources areas specifically electricity, oil and gas projects for more than 25 years. During 1998 until 2003, he has assisted an electricity state owned enterprise in renegotiating 27 international power purchase agreements following the monetary crisis during 1997.

His comprehensive understanding both in technical and legal perspective of electricity is playing a major role in assisting and advising clients with respect to the electricity supply business matters with energy basis of hydro, wind, gas, geothermal, diesel, and coal-fired. He has experiences in transaction structuring and negotiating for energy sales projects. Rex also fluently gave his advices in a number of tendering process for power plant projects. Aside from the electricity sector, Rex is currently responsible for liquid natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) projects.

Rex obtained his bachelor of law degree from University of Indonesia in 1989 and his master degree majoring in management from Prasetya Mulya Business School in 2001.


2010 to the present       Partner of Nah’r Murdono Law Office

2009 – 2010                   Legal Adviser for Director of Planning of PT PLN (Persero)

2007 – 2009                   Head of Legal Division/General Counsel of PT PLN (Persero)

2003 – 2007                   Legal Manager of PT PLN (Persero)

1998 – 2003                   Legal Counsel for Renegotiation Committee of Independent Power Producer of PT PLN (Persero)